The KIRAT RODU NACHHIRING SAKHAM is the Kirat NACHHIRING Indigenous people’s Organization in Nepal. It has been established on the date of Monday 15 May 1996 and it has been registered to the Government of Nepal, at the office of the Chief District Officer (CDO Office) in Kathmandu, Nepal on the date Friday 12 January 2001. THE Registered Number is 540/2001-2002.

The Kirat Rodu Nachhiring Sakham was established for the purpose of uplifting the language, culture, and recolonization of the hidden original Identity of Nachhiring Indigenous peoples as well as bringing awareness to the community on the fundamental freedom and Human Rights of Indigenous peoples in Nepal.

A very important point to be noted is that the Nachhirings community was Rai-used by the government since 1814 B.S. by issuing a Lalmohar (Government Document) and also one religion and Culture since then the original identity has been hidden off the Nachhiring indigenous peoples in Nepal.

We Kirat Nachhirings are the ancient indigenous peoples with the origin from Khotang district according to the history of Nepal. Nachhirings are also densely populated in the Solukhumbu district. Both of these districts are in the eastern part of Nepal.

At present Nachhirings are also found in Dhankuta, Panthar, Sunsari, Taplejung, Sangkhuwasabha, Bhojpur, Ilam, Jhapa, Morang, & Kathmandu, etc.
The location of Kirat Nachhiring Indigenous peoples resides is mostly in the Hilly region and some are in the range of Himalayan region which is approximately the range of 3,000 to 4,000 ft. in altitude.

Their population is about 100,000 all over the country. Their literacy rate is assumed 20 percent only. The exact data can not be found yet. Nachhirings are not represented at the policy and decision-making level. Their own language, culture, and religion are ignored by the state for a long time.

Women’s status in the Nachhirings community is vulnerable in relation to their health, education, empowerment, and their traditional culture due to the one Hindu religion and one caste policy for a long time in Nepal. The economic status of Nachhirings Indigenous communities is also deplorable and that needs to improve urgently.

However, Kirat Rodu Nachhiring Sakham organization (IPOs) continues to keep its efforts to bring awareness to the community through meetings, seminars, conferences, orientations, etc to the community & bringing the attention to submitting memorandums to the state. Nepal is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-religious country.

Nachhiring Indigenous peoples have the following characteristics :

– A distinct collective Identity,
– Own language, religion, tradition, culture, and civilization,
– Own traditional egalitarian social structure,
– Traditional homeland or geographical area,
– Written or oral history,
– Having we feeling,
– Has had no decisive role in the politics and government of modern Nepal,
– Who declares itself as Indigenous peoples,
– Kirat Nachhiring Indigenous peoples have their own mother tongue and traditional culture and yet do not fall under the conventional fourfold VARNA of the HINDU VARNA system or the Hindu hierarchical caste structure.

Kirat Rodu (RADU) Nachhiring Sakham Central Committee Kathmandu, Nepal.